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It's your turn

It's your turn to reclaim your mind and transform from the inside out.

The secret to peak performance is no secret!
It's been said a thousand times... it's the space between your two ears!! 
So why do we still struggle generation after generation?

I have a recipe to finally break through your cycles of failure and regret so that you can step into the life you know  you were meant to live.

Reclaim (27).png

... but right now it feels like your triggers and mental limitations control every aspect of your life.

Polished Stones

Start a Business
Make More Money
Lose Weight
Conquer Your Mind
Relieve Anxiety
Become Insanely Confident
Heal from an Abusive Relationship
Recover from Chronic Illness
Restore Health
Abolish Body Shaming
& More
the Reclaim Coaching Experience is for you...

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Eradicate limiting beliefs and live in alignment with your true life's purpose

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Learn to successfully manifest financial freedom with debt relief & cashflow strategies 

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Discover the confidence within to do the "scary" stuff, like start a business, make a big decision, embrace your sexy, set & enforce healthy boundaries and more!

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Regulate your nervous system to invite emotional peace and relief from chronic anxiety or pain 

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Experience long-term healing - yes, I'm saying you do NOT have to learn to live with your anxiety. We are talking Heal for Rea, Reclaim Your Sparkle and go from Shattered to Unbreakable!

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The Reclaim Journal - A Journey to Self-Discovery

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Reclaim (29).png

DIY exercises and worksheets to aid you in a self-discovery process to find out exactly WHO you are and what your purpose is.

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6 Weeks of videos, audios and worksheets to lead you through mastering mindset, manifesting success, adding cash to your wallet,  & purpose to your life.

Reclaim (29).png

Life hacks on organizing your time and schedule to add hours to your day while clearing out the life-sucking tasks that steal your joy.

Reclaim Your Finances by increasing cashflow and decreasing debt so that you can finally start building wealth.

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Truth bombs that peel back the layers of comparison to others and uncover unshakeable confidence so that you can take action toward your dream-life.

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2 Extra Weeks of Daily Voxer Check-Ins with your coach, Brandi (8 week program total)

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1 Human Design Reading by "I Am Designed For More" Guru, Jessica Robberts

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2 1:1 Coaching calls with Brandi to help spark your purpose and uncover your inner-strengths. Let's talk Strategy!

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2 1:1 Brainspotting sessions to tackle your biggest, most stressful barriers in your life right now... for GOOD!

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Copy of Reclaim-16.png
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3 EXTRA 1:1 Coaching calls with Brandi to refine your plan, help you audit your day-to-day schedule and environment, and create a lasting plan beyond these 8 weeks.

Reclaim (29).png

3 EXTRA  1:1 Brainspotting sessions for ultimate healing, recovery, and control over your mind!

Reclaim (29).png

1 Cord Cutting Ceremony by Relationship Healer, Bre Wolta

Reclaim (29).png

8 weeks of unlimited Voxer Access Monday through Friday with your Coach, Brandi

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