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When you have an experience that causes a fight or flight, freeze or fawn response, whether someone cuts you off in traffic or something horrific has happened to you in the past, your body reacts before your brain in an effort to keep you safe.


Ideally, after the experience, your brain would have time to process the experience, logically understand what happened, and then file it in your memory for future reference. Your eyes are connected to the part of your brain that gives access to these memories or traumas. The Brainspotting (BSP) technique uses your field of vision to access those traumatic memories that never had a chance to process. 

During a brainspotting appointment, your brain is given the time and space it needs to process and release the fight or flight response so that you can say good-bye to the debilitating triggers and anxiety!

Brainspotting is primarily used in trauma therapy and for the treatment of PTSD. It has also been shown to assist in injury recovery and help treat physical illness, inattention, stress, and low motivation!

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I was in therapy after a very traumatic time in my life. For several years, I felt trapped in a relationship that was psychologically traumatizing. 


When I finally left, I was met with symptoms of PTSD that I never even realized existed. I had physical pain in my stomach, a racing heart, chest pain, and mental fog. All of these symptoms happened many times a day, and I felt triggered by everything. My focus was distracted at work to the point that, for most of the day, I was subject to intense emotional flashbacks and constant worry about what might happen next. 

My therapist started with EMDR (a type of therapy), which worked really well for the flashbacks, helping me rewire the traumatic memories, but the painful physical symptoms of anxiety did not go away.

Finally, she tried Brainspotting. After only 1 session, the physical anxiety symptoms completely disappeared! 

I am now a Brainspotting Practitioner* because I want to give others the freedom and peace that I have experienced through Brainspotting. It truly helped me to Heal for Real!

*I am not a licensed therapist. My certification is in Phase I and II Brainspotting and does NOT require a license beyond those certifications to practice. Since this is so new, a FAQ section will be coming soon! Stay tuned! :) Until then, schedule a free call to see if this is right for you!

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“Ok, I’m officially impressed! After a decade plus of working in the health, fitness and coaching industry I’m a tough cookie to crack but I couldn’t believe all Brandi was able to help me bring up and work through in just one brain spotting session! It was so helpful being able to peel back the layers of years of negative beliefs I didn’t even realize were packed in there! You can tell Brandi’s heart to help support and love, yet professionalism in her sessions which truly put you at ease to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

- Brea E., Mrs. United States 2021

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