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CEO & Founder of Reclaim LLC and Author of The Reclaim Journal. I am a Brainspotting Practitioner & Mindset Coach, and I started this profession because I know what it's like to not want to look in the mirror because of the shame of becoming someone you don't even recognize. I also understand the effects that trauma has on the mind, and how difficult it can be to break free from the anxiety and triggers that trauma causes. Complex PTSD and Trauma Bonding steal your joy and restrict you from living your best life. 

I know what it takes to rise from the ashes and defeat the enemy hiding in our own mind, and I know how to do it alone. I'm a single mother of 4 who is chasing a huge dream. Life is definitely not easy, but healing after trauma is liberating! I want you to feel it too!

If you have been struggling and don't know where to turn for healing; If you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working; If you are tired of the same issues popping up year after year after year, connect with me.

I'll help you go from...

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The Program


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Your body and your brain have to be besties in order to live a balanced life both mentally and physically. Your body tells your brain what to feel and your brain tells your heart how to feel - and that is where trauma and anxiety wreak havoc on your life! 


Brainspotting is a scientific method of healing that reconnects your body and brain when they get separated by a traumatic experience. When trauma happens, the back of your brain tells your body to fight, flight, freeze or fawn in 50 milliseconds. The front of your brain is what process what actually happened, which takes 500-600 milliseconds.


For example, when someone jumps out from behind a wall your body reacts! Then your logical brain tells you, "Oh! That's just Billy being a little SHIT!" 

Your brain then tells your body that you are ok and you can go back to homeostasis.

When trauma happens that you don't process, you get stuck in fight or flight, freeze or fawn because you are NOT told by your logical brain that everything is ok, especially when dealing with repeated trauma. 

In 45 minutes, I use brainspotting to help clients calmly process trauma and anxiety triggers that you may have been trying to deal with for years. This is a great supplement to your current therapy treatment plan and I work closely with therapists to help with breakthroughs when a client is stuck or dissociated.

Over 17,000 Coaches & Licensed Therapists have been trained in Brainspotting to date, and the results are incredible.

If you deal with chronic anxiety, pain, overthinking, depression, or suicidal ideation, schedule a FREE Call today to see if this is right for you.

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“Ok, I’m officially impressed! After a decade plus of working in the health, fitness and coaching industry I’m a tough cookie to crack but I couldn’t believe all Brandi was able to help me bring up and work through in just one brain spotting session! It was so helpful being able to peel back the layers of years of negative beliefs I didn’t even realize were packed in there! You can tell Brandi’s heart to help support and love, yet professionalism in her sessions which truly put you at ease to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

- Brea E., Mrs. United States 2021

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