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I was exhausted, I had brain fog & memory issues, and constantly felt like I wasn't good enough. The Reclaim program gave me meaning, healing, and peace. My kids got to meet their "real mom!" Not the shell of a mom they used to have... ​ Once I found out that this plan worked so well, I decided to offer it to you, Sweet Sister. I want you to find peace and meaning in a world that makes it almost impossible.... almost. Buy the journal, watch the vidoes, listen to the podcast, and give me a call. Why wait? The whole world is waiting on you to take just one step towards finding yourself again.

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The Program


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Brainspotting was my secret weapon in my battle against anxiety and PTSD... 

It's safe to say I slayed it!

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“Ok, I’m officially impressed! After a decade plus of working in the health, fitness and coaching industry I’m a tough cookie to crack but I couldn’t believe all Brandi was able to help me bring up and work through in just one brain spotting session! It was so helpful being able to peel back the layers of years of negative beliefs I didn’t even realize were packed in there! You can tell Brandi’s heart to help support and love, yet professionalism in her sessions which truly put you at ease to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

- Brea E., Mrs. United States 2021

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