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CEO & Founder of Reclaim LLC and Author of The Reclaim Journal. I am a Brainspotting Practitioner & Mindset Coach, and I started this profession because I know what it's like to not even want to look in the mirror because of the shame of becoming someone you don't even recognize. I also understand the effects that trauma has on the mind, and how difficult it can be to break free from limiting beliefs that are restricting you from living your best life. 

As a single Mother of 4 & Entrepreneur, I know what it takes to rise from the ashes and defeat the enemy hiding in our own mind.

If you are ready to fully recover from negative thought patterns and endless barriers so that you can step into your happiest, highest achieving version of yourself, take the first step in your journey of healing and connect with me.

I'll help you go from...

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Your body remembers what your brain cannot - and that is where trauma and anxiety wreek havoc on your life! 


Brainspotting is a scientific method of healing the brain through rewiring of the neural pathways. This healing modality is designed to help people access, process, and overcome trauma, emotional flashbacks, and anxiety.

Where you look affects how you feel. Using a pointer to hold your eye position, we identify a spot in your field of vision that unlocks the trauma holding you back from living your best life.

Over 17,000 Coaches & Licensed Therapists have been trained in Brainspotting to date, and the results are incredible.

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“Ok, I’m officially impressed! After a decade plus of working in the health, fitness and coaching industry I’m a tough cookie to crack but I couldn’t believe all Brandi was able to help me bring up and work through in just one brain spotting session! It was so helpful being able to peel back the layers of years of negative beliefs I didn’t even realize were packed in there! You can tell Brandi’s heart to help support and love, yet professionalism in her sessions which truly put you at ease to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

- Brea E., Mrs. United States 2021